Version 6 – updated 18/3/19

ORDER ONE or …. four….. decisions, decisions…..

OK. Crunch time. You have TWO choices…..

  1. Buy one that is pre-made, ready to go, from our ETSY store
  2. Specify one to suit your needs.

Please read the FAQ page. It’s important! IF you want to have a chat, see the CONTACT page. Happy to chat and answer questions…. after you’ve read this and the FAQ pages 🙂

Since you are reading this far, you have decided to have them made for you. Excellent!  There are some IMPORTANT THINGS to know and OPTIONS to consider. It isn’t complex. It’s like ordering a pizza. You can have it bog standard, or you can modify the section a bit (mmmm, peperoni….)


The minifigDisplays are measured by number of figs per shelf x number of shelves…..

  • 16 x 10  (160 minifigs)      base 1 price
  • 10 x 10  (100 minifigs)      base 1 price
  • 10 x 8    (80 minifigs)       base 1 price
  • 10 x 6    (60 minifigs)      base price 2
  • 8 x 8      (64 minifigs)      base 2 price
  • 8 x 5      (40 minifigs)      base 2 price


All cabinets are manufactured with sub-millimetre precision. Allow the following space on your wall (height x width):

  • 16 x 10     780 x 670 mm
  • 10 x 10     780 x 425 mm
  • 10 x 8       625 x 425 mm
  • 10 x 6       475 x 425 mm
  • 8 x 8         625 x 345 mm
  • 8 x 5         400 x 345 mm


  • Cabinets are 45 mm thick as standard
      • Super Thick cabinet option of 85mm
  • Acrylic-fronted displays are 55 mm thick
  • Shelves are 32 mm wide standard
      • Super Thick shelves of 64mm
  • Optional: French cleat fitting system sits flush to your wall. i.e. the back of the cabinet will rest tightly against the wall with no gap!


There are a few choices of material and finish available as well. Final price of the display will change depending on the choices made:

  • Tassie Blackwood, or Tassie Oak (Victorian Ash), finished with Livos Kunos oil
  • Baltic Pine, finished with polyurethane or nitrocellulose (sprayed)
  • MDF (painted in any of the LEGO base colours: white, red, green, yellow, blue or black)
  • MDF (unpainted, DIY!)

Paint is Haymes Tricoat for sealer/filler/undercoat and Dulux Aquanamel or Haymes Semi Gloss Oil. Paints are treated with Floetrol for perfect smoothness. Nitrocellulose is pure acid-cat nitro (like a guitar!).  Polyurethane is professional grade ultra clear with UV stabilisers added.

All are 100% kid safe and completely non-toxic.

Paint colours are as close as paint can get to the actual LEGO brick colours. Great care and experimentation has been applied in their choosing.

ACRYLIC FRONT and rear option

4.5 mm clear high quality acrylic covering that is removable on the front. Sides either LEFT or RIGHT (specify).

Rear acrylic option (so you can see through the display) is 3 mm high quality. It is NOT removable.

Acrylic will be shipped with the paper still attached. You will need to carefully peel it off…. yay!


There are FIVE shelf options.  You may mix and match.

  • 2 wide blank strip (to fit n-long LEGO strips)
  • 2×4 plate strip  (for 2×4 base plates)
  • 3 wide blank strip (mix and match your own distances)
  • 4×3 plate strip (for the standard black minifig stands)
  • Super Thick shelves additional option of 4 wide strip
  • Brick Head circles

Blank Strips are made so you can slide your various 2n/3n strips as you choose. These are standard.

Plate Strips have pre-fitted 1-wide blanks to keep your minifigs equilaterally spaced. Base plates will snug push-in fit.  These incur a small extra charge due their tedious making.

Brick Head circles have the number of figure-spacings for each shelf number equilaterally spaced along the strip. You may freely customise these spacings at will. As Brick Heads are wildly customisable, just advise what your needs are.


Quality Hafele stainless steel pins are fitted at 75 mm centres (i.e. the shelves are 75 mm apart). Shelves may be lifted out for maintenance/management. If you wish an alternative pin spacing, just ask (keep in mind how the inside may line up!)

Each shelf has a gap of 63 mm.  This is from the top of the shelf/plate to the underside of the shelf above. See the image on Shelves above.


  • Base 1 price                                     $250
  • Base 2 price                                     $200
  • Unpainted MDF                             deduct $50
  • Acrylic front                                   add $30
  • Acrylic back                                    add $30
  • French Cleat hanging system     add $10
  • Plate strip shelves upgrade         add $5 per shelf


Via courier. To most capitals and most postcodes it will be $15. Check with us first for multiple orders, if you are outside of a capital… these shelves are BIG and HEAVY.


It tends to take 3 weeks for your order to be made.

We make daily and ship weekly (usually Fridays)

We do payments through Paypal, PayID and BPay. Keeps everything legitimate and fair. Advise how you’d like to pay and we’ll send the info.

  • For individual orders of standard displays (i.e. what’s on the front page) there is no need to pre-pay or put a deposit down…. just tell us what you want!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • For custom orders, we do ask for a 50% payment