How do I order and pay?

See the Order page here.  There are many options. Don’t let this bamboozle you! They are there as LEGO nutters like to endlessly customise.  Just send us an email and it will all be sorted out nice and easy.

Do I receive a tax invoice?


How long does it take to receive my order?

Orders are usually shipped within 3-6 weeks depending on scale or difficulty of the project. We target for less and 90% are complete within 3 weeks.

We work on a first in first served basis. We will let you know if the delivery period is potentially going to be extended. However, if you purchase an already constructed one from our Etsy, it will be shipped immediately.

Why 3 weeks?

Finishing and Paint. We use a choice of paints – acrylics, oil, acid cat lacquers and for timber frames: polyurethane, furniture oil and nitrocellulose.  These all take time to harden (cross linking). Once hard, we polish them or spray a few layers of clear coat over the top.

This process is one that provides a perfect result, but its tedious. We don’t just slap on a coat of paint and shove it out the door.

Our finishes are perfect, every time, guaranteed.

How much is postage likely to cost me?

Delivery costs about $15 to ship to capital cities and the surrounding areas. Other than that it varies only a little.

Ask us for a quote if you want a more detailed answer. We cover the first $15 of any delivery. We get excellent rates and always seek to get the lowest possible price. You pay what we pay! Simple 🙂

All Minifig Displays are boxed for delivery. We use E-go and TransExpress for deliveries within Australia and Aramex (shopandship.com) for international deliveries. We charge only what it costs (we get excellent rates) and you are completely free to arrange your own collection if this is your preference.

How do I hang this up?

Being a frame, you can add your own picture frame hooks, stand it upon a desk/shelf/stand (it is 45 or 55m thick) or mount it the same as you’d do a mirror.

We make a French Cleat as an option. This will allow you to mount the display flush to the wall… but you need to mount a small bar securely and level to the wall. French Cleats offer outstanding stability. You may easily lift the whole frame from the wall, but it is impossible for the frame to fall of its own accord.

We also make removable stands for the frame sit on, but we let people design their own at the moment.  Why? Because people have chosen to put these stands within custom displays, special wall racks or even sat them next to the television! We will make you a stand that matches your decor. Click the images to see a few ideas that might inspire you.

Can you do glass instead of perspex or acrylic?

No. Glass is hard to ship safely, so we avoid it.

These displays are often used in kids bedrooms. Glass = bad idea. You can put glass on yourself, but we will not. Soz!

Our acrylic is first rate (The Good Stuff) and delivered to you still covered in its protective paper.  It is 4.5mm, clear and ridgid. It is supplied by Plastic Creations Canberra. Rear acrylic is 3mm to enhance light transmission and reduce weight.

I want a very specific size of shelf to fit a certain area or number of minifigs, what can I do?

Send us an email! We’re happy to accommodate and see what we can do. The production time of a custom sized display will inevitably be longer than normal as we have to rework our production process.

We don’t charge more for custom.  You will receive your own set of SketchUp diagrams to confirm the exact sizes and the end result will be exact.

I am a store and want to stock your Minifig Displays / MOCboxes / Shelves / Maxifigs….

We do this. We offer wholesale pricing and bulk deliveries. We also do customisation of colours and offer deliveries of each item in its own shippable box.  Boxes are blank 7mm double corrugated and made like pizza boxes by Visy.

If you are interested in a range of options or customised furniture/displays/kids toys, etc…. see woodpixel.

DO you sell LEGO baseplates?

No. This is because any one brick element cannot be ordered in numbers greater than 999. Doing so cancels both existing and new orders as part of LEGOs fairness policy.

Given each frame holds 180 minifigs, we’d hit that limit within 5 units.

Plates can be ordered directly from LEGO Australia here https://shop.lego.com/en-AU/Pick-A-Brick-11998 Postage is very reasonable, if not free.

The standard plates are called “PLATE 2X4” and are Element ID 3020. There are 18 colours to choose from.

Who are you?

Evan and Nick are the dudes behind woodpixel. We are gaming guys who love online games, AD&D, Cosplay, card/dice/board/fantasy gaming. We can make literally anything out of timber, leather, metal, acrylics and foams.

We have lasers (zzzapppp!), CNC, 3D printing, advanced manufacturing, painting facilities, 15-micron vacuum forming (yes!), veneering, inlay and mad marquetry skillz…  along with super-dooper high-end designing facilities. It’s amazing. Truly an Aladdin’s Cave of Wonders.

Nick is a graduate of the AIE.  Evan is a former 5 time CTO of listed dotcoms and investor.

Woodpixel is 8 years old and is our full-time gig 🙂 🙂 🙂


Really?  We are not in any way associated with, sponsored by, endorsed, acknowledged, or in any way or otherwise have any relationship with the glorious LEGO corporation. We are, obviously, just huge fans.

Equally obviously, all LEGO trademarks, copyrights, images, brands, usages, kits, styles, wording, etc,etc, etc reside with LEGO. Should the Mighty LEGO gods be reading this, please don’t squash us like bugs. We love you 🙂